Unique Proposition


Unique Proposition

With a low correlation to traditional asset classes, TET is a valuable risk diversifier. It will benefit from the proven and repeatable track record of TEO’s technologies with the additional remit, and access to specialized expertise, to implement the optimal combination of new clean technologies. TET will provide the best customized solution including responsible oil and renewable white natural hydrogen.

Aiming For 100% Non-Fuel Product Transformation

TET will continue to acquire underperforming or recently capped conventional oil assets and use environmentally-friendly enhanced oil recovery technologies to produce high-grade light crude oil.

Using non-toxic chemicals, TET will continue to produce oil for non-fuel use, such as agri- farming, specialty lubricants and the pharmaceutical industry.

Increasing Our Industry Footprint to Leverage Our Cleantech Expertise

TET stands on two main pillars, which that will result in an even more efficient energy transition strategy to a cleaner future. Additionally, TET is looking into licensing hydrocarbon reforming technology.

    Proven track record of identifying, testing and implementing disruptive clean technologies placed predecessor TEO in the renewables space

    Renewable white natural hydrogen produced directly from hydrogen reservoirs

      Transformation of uneconomic or nonproducing oil wells into sources of clean energy, by adapting them for in-situ hydrocarbon reforming into hydrogen

      TET will continue to drive the improvement of the eco responsibility, best practices and footprint of the oil and energy production industry globally.