New Green Business


New Green Business

Beyond responsible production of oil, we have been investigating clean transition-related business opportunities that will have a positive social impact on the environment and where our experience and infrastructure will add value. Besides renewable white natural hydrogen, we are in the process of evaluating other sufficiently mature investment targets of emerging businesses.


These ventures will be managed through Hethos, the hydrogen operating arm of Beam

Renewable White Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Rush, The End of Carbon-Based Energy?

White natural hydrogen is our best chance to lower the global greenhouse effect. It burns cleanly, leaving only water behind. It has many potential uses, such as feedstock, fertilizer, fuel or as an energy carrier. It is versatile in production and consumption, offering variety in clean production pathways and flexibility in supply chains.

Flows of white natural hydrogen have been documented throughout the world, primarily above deep continental crusts, for example in Central Africa, Russia, Brazil and the US.

  • Economic white natural hydrogen production has existed in Africa for several years, with no sign of loss of pressure
  • Hydrogen from the earth: Large reservoirs are under exploration in a number of countries such as Brazil, Morocco, Ukraine, USA with large multinationals
  • Demand seems to focus on white natural hydrogen making it the ultimate clean hydrogen resource. White natural hydrogen production uses renewable energy to create hydrogen fuel.

TET is ready to rise to the challenge of hydrogen extraction by leveraging its proven experience in clean and economical oil and gas technologies implementation to become a leading, successful and profitable operator for white natural hydrogen fields.

*American Chemistry Council – The Chemical Recycling Alliance
**PlasticsEurope – Market Research Group (PEMRG) and Conversion Market & Strategy

Hethos is the hydrogen operating arm of Beam, focusing on adapting disruptive clean technologies to face the challenges raised by renewable white natural hydrogen production

Environmentally friendly
Technical and





Such as: 

  • White natural hydrogen compatible downhole chemicals
  • White natural hydrogen proof casing, tubing and downhole equipment options
  • H2 reservoirs adapted wells architecture

We are constantly screening potential investments that could fulfill our clean energy transition selection criteria. We believe there will be more emerging opportunities that we can capitalize.