Product Description

Terms & Conditions

Investment Instruments / Types

  Mandatory Convertible Bond

  Euroclear eligible with ISIN code

  Listed on SGX

  No issuance of other more preferred instruments

Structure of Fees / Performance Fee
•  No Management Fee. Co-acquisition structure, TET is operating directly the oil assets without intermediary layers.
•  1.5% quarterly coupon (net 6% per annum) until conversion (into 80% of equity in TET)
 Beam Earth Inc. retains 20% of TET following conversion & realization
Term / Notice Period
•  First tranche close 15th January 2022
•  Conversion at or before six year term (2028)
•  Bonds will be converted into direct ownership of TET (80% to Bondholders and 20% to Beam Earth Inc.)